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DYNA Pullback Riser

The day Ivan got stuck!

Coyhaique, Chile
2008 Trip to Ultima Thule
Alaska Trip to Ultima Thule DVD 1
Alaska Trip to Ultima Thule DVD 2

Hawkeye Harley HOG Chapter
Lat/Lon for North American Harley dealers

SCPB Davenport
SCPB Milwaukee
SCPB Chicago
OPD Chicago

Eastern Iowa Flood, June, 2008

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Steam returns to Iowa

New Bike

Bike Rack
Trailer rack,
keeps bikes upright, allows suspension on bike to work (no need to compress front suspension). Note clearance between mirrors, no contact over bumps.

Bracket on fork tube is from J&P, 230-408 or 230-255.

Iowa City Tornado Damage
All Things Scottish: Sep 24, 2005
Anamosa Hillclimb: Sep 11, 2005
Coe Track
City Football

eZ80 Projects

These are base on the ZiLOG eZ80 Acclaim.

eZ80 Processor

This is a reworked design for the motherboard that provides the processing power for the OBD-II and Thermostat.


A mezzanine board that implements a thermostat.

OBD-II scan tool

A mezzanine board that implements a automotive diagnostic tool.

GPS Monitor

A mezzanine board that implements a dual channel GPS monitoring system.

GPS Repeater

Boards to allow a GPS to be used in a large building.

HAM Projects

A Amateur Radio computer interface Sound Interface and radio control.

iRobot projects

ZigBee Roomba SCI

Digi International XBEE interface for Roomba

Fused Relay

Fused Relay

Maxim/Dallas 1-wire system


USB and Serial host interface. environmantal monitor, battery analyzer.

USB/Serial Inrterface


USB to Serial interface, 4 port.



ASUS M4N78 PRO w/GeForce 8300
CPU AMD Athalon II X2 250 AM3 3.0G RT
2048KB L2 Cache


4-4-4-12 1.9 ~ 2.0 Volts


ASPIRE, Model "ATXA1AW/420"
420W P/S
5 5.25" external bays
2 external 3.5" bays
5 3.5" internal bays


Western Digital WD3200AAKS 320GB SATA


Fedora Core 11
Making use of the lm_sensors package for environmental monitoring.

Hardware Monitor             UPS Monitor             MB Temperature monitor             .

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